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St. Paul's Apothek in Jægersgårdsgade in Aarhus was originally ment to be a cocktail bar, but then a great Chef came along and the 110-year-old pharmacy business was transformed into a food and cocktail bar with greetings to restaurants in New York, London and Paris.

As a guest at Apotheket you will find that cocktails with tequila are good for fish - try a Bank Margarita with a tequila dish, agave syrup and fresh lime juice. For the slightly heavier dishes like red meat, Bourbon or whiskey is more obvious, but there is no facit list when it comes to the combination of cocktails and food. If you want a complete dining experience, you can, for example choose the Apotheker Cure, which consists of a champagne cocktail and three dishes with three cocktails.


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