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Marchal is Hotel d'Angleterre's restaurant. Marchal reflects the culinary love that quite literally has been the heart and soul of the d’Angleterre since 1755, where the lovers Jean Marchal and Maria Coppy joined forces romantically and professionally to establish a restaurant, which later grew into the Hotel d’Angleterre.

In 2014 Marchal was honored with a Michelin star because of its excellent dining experience that appeal to all of the senses and adds an modern urban touch to the traditional kitchen. 

At Marchal you won’t find any fixed menus. It is an à la carte menu with about 15 different dishes to choose from. So whether you fancy a single dish or mixing your own menu it is possible for you at Marchal.


Creativity and quality

Creativity, quality and aesthetics are key elements in the ambitious cuisine at Marchal, which is inspired by the Nordic and French cuisine. The dishes are created with a playful mix of modern techniques and French elegance, which goes hand in hand with the hotel's ambition to be the best in Scandinavia.

Guests - local as well as international - are all welcome for breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch. The Sunday brunch is particularly popular and in 2016 it was named one of the world's best brunch experiences by the global travel magazine Travel + Leisure.


The chef in the kitchen

First of April, Jakob de Neergaard have been the new Executive Chef at Marchal. He is one of Denmark's greatest masters of French cuisine and will lift Marchal to new heights with his enormous knowledge and experience in classic French Michelin gastronomy.


Exclusive elegance

Machal focuses on being the ultimate destination for a night out. The environment is exclusive and stylish and only the most beautiful fabrics and materials of the highest quality is being used in the restaurant. Thick carpets, wood, paint in muted mauve colors and huge glittering chandeliers create an elegant look that is also relaxed and comfortable.

The restaurant has room for about 60 diners and are divided into several rooms. For example you find a breakfast restaurant, an exclusive Wine Room and a terrace corridor from where you can enjoy your food while watching the pulsating city life on the streets outside.

You can also visit the hotel's exclusive Balthazar Champagne Bar. The bar offers more end160 different kinds of champagnes and champagne cocktails, and you can quench your thirst with other classic cocktails.


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