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Restaurant CLOU

The Michelin-awarded Restaurant CLOU har changed location. The restaurant has moved from Borgergade to Øster Farimagsgade at Østerbro

At Clou famous dishes are brought to life with creativity and precision - and often with wine as a focal point.

Clou is a favorite among locals as well as tourists and the restaurant has recently been nominated as 'Restaurant of the year 2016' in the Danish Dining Guide.

Creative and simple

The kitchen is based on good, classic craftsmanship without dogma. At Restaurant Clou their work is based on the philosophy that creativity has no limits - neither in terms of geography nor gastronomic standard.

The courses are particularly inspired by the southern European cuisine and prepared with a focus on simplicity and balance. The ingredients are both exotic and Nordic and the selection depends on what the season has to offer.

Let the wine flow

Through tones of the wines the Chefs create dishes that are personal and accurate. Clou is particularly specialized wine, and they strive to provide guests with a total experience in which food and wine are equal exponents.

Jonathan Berntsen

Jonathan K. Berntsen runs the restaurant together with his team of talented and dedicated waiters, sommeliers and chefs, and they are the guarantors of high gastronomic level and eminent vinparring world class.

In French is 'clou' (besides a nail) the narrative dramatic climax, and that's exactly what that Berntsen will with his restaurant. He will, as he tells the, offer his guests "The climax told on the plates and in glasses".

Cozy and intimate

The restaurant is cozy and intimate decorated with only 12 tables for about 42 guests. The food and wine will be enjoyed in the glow of old Copenhagen street lights that illuminates the room and on the walls in the restaurant you’ll find Berntsens' favorite art. While you consume the dishes with his grandparents' old cutlery and crockery, you can enjoy the view of the bustling kitchen where the talented chefs create high quality eatable art.