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When entering Buka Bakery, you will instantly be enchanted by the smell of freshly baked sourdough bread and cinnamon rolls. Buka Bakery is located in the heart of Copenhagen. Here, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and a good cup of coffee. You can even get a glass of wine or a cold beer. 

Exquisite pastry in the middle of Copenhagen 

Buka Bakery is located in the middle of the vibrant shopping street, Strøget. The ovens at Buka never collect dust. At Buka, they are always baking bread, delicious pastries, and other tasty delicacies. Buka means bread in Albanian and Albania is the home country of the owner Zeqir Haziri, he was born in Albania and lived in the beautiful land by the Adriatic Sea until he was 12 years old. He tempts everyone from locals to tourists with the exquisite buka sandwiches, pastries and desserts.

A traditional bakery with Albanian roots

When you pass by the popular bakery, it is difficult to resist the many savoury and sugary snacks. Moreover, the calm settings are perfect for a relaxing morning with a nice breakfast, for lunch or just for a cup of freshly brewed coffee, a glass of wine or a cold beer. The bakery is a traditional bakery with cakes displayed on stands and later served on antique service. In the cosy bakery, you can find a seat in the beautiful bar with a view of the kitchen. From here, you can follow the talented bakers preparing their beautiful pastries and other baked goods.

Pastries with dreamy flavours that melt on the tongue 

At Buka Bakery, they use quality produce and ingredients for their bread, cakes, and meals. The baked goods taste like a dream, and they are also a delight to the eye. On the menu, you can find different kinds of sourdough bread, rye bread, sandwiches, scrumptious Nutella and almond croissants, cardamom brioche and much much more. 



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