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PLUTO is a New York-inspired restaurant centrally located in Borgergade in central Copenhagen. The modern bistro offers an informal atmosphere and honest food - Free of dogmas and steeped in taste and quality.

Family style

At PLUTO the dishes are served 'family style', which means that they are severed for the whole table to share. You can choose to get 12 servings carefully composed and selected the chefs and ready for you to share at the table or you can explore their a la carte menu and pick your dishes yourself from the many tasty servings.

The menu is packed with goodies divided into snacks, chacuterie, hot and cold servings. In the restaurant's bar area you can also enjoy various snacks, lots of good wine by the glass and bottles from the modern wine list. You can also get the bartender to mix a delicious cocktail for you - for example, the popular Lonely Planet, which is PLUTO's house cocktail.

Recognized restaurant

Pluto is owned by the beloved gastronomic entrepreneurs Rasmus Oubæk and Jesper Marcussen, who has won the hearts of the people in Copenhagen (and Aarhus) with their popular restaurants Pluto, Gorilla, a few Retour, and Otto.

PLUTO has since 2014 been honored with the prestigious Bib Gourmand by Michelin. Bib Gourmand is given to restaurants that have particularly good high quality food to sympathetic prices. Michelin guide describes Pluto as: "An appealing restaurant in a residential area, with concrete pillars and an Intentionally unfinished feel- her to wooden tables that the long metal bar or the communal marble-topped tables. An enticing menu of small plates includes 'cheese' and 'sweets' section; cooking is rustic, unfussy and approachable. "

The Danish reviewers have also praised the restaurant. Food critic Søren Frank writes for example about Pluto in the Danish newspaper Berlingske: "(…) an extremely successful evening. I do not remember just when I last experienced so much immediate and unpretentious palatability ".

Book a table at Pluto and judge for yourself whether there is something to it.


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