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Zócalo is, other than being the biggest square in Mexico City, also a cosy Mexican restaurant on Frederiksberg. This is a place, where the traditional Mexican kitchen meets the fresh Californian food culture.

Viva Mexico and Hello California!

Zócalo Nørrebro has its address on Nørrebros Runddel and you can smell the Mexican food all the way through the street. Here, they prepare delicious meals with chilli, onions, and tomatoes just like you know them from Latin American restaurants.
The restaurant is inspired by Mission District in San Fransisco which is famous for its taquerias and lovely, colourful street kitchens. The vibrant and inspiring area in California is the home of many Mexicans and the inhabitants have found a way to combine Mexican food culture and American food culture. 

Tasty tacos and Mexican beers

Mexico is especially famous for its flavorful food, spices like chilli, coriander, and epazote, and colourful decorations. If you are crazy about Latin American kitchens, we strongly advise you to pay Zócalo a visit. Here, you can bite into classics like tacos, quesadillas, nachos, and scrumptious mexi bowls with lots of meat, protein, vegetables, and spices. Treat yourself to an ice-cold Negra Modelo that will bring the whole Mexican dinner experience together.

Mexican menu that meets everyone’s needs

The produce is fresh and the selection of Mexican beers and sodas is big. You can also order wine or freshly made margaritas. The entire menu can be transformed into vegan alternatives and all dairy products are lactose-free. If you are allergic to gluten, they can exchange the tortillas with corn tortillas.


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