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In Odsherred, you can try the relatively new holiday concept, glamping, in the summer of 2022. It offers tent accommodation, bonfires and tasty food from Michelin restaurant Formel B. Enjoy the surrounding landscape where enchanting forests and the picturesque sea adorn the spectacular panoramic views of the bay.


Lillero and Formula B have teamed up on a unique summer project

This unique glamping experience is for those of you who want to experience glamour and camping at the same time. In the beautiful Odsherred on Zealand, you have the opportunity to spend the night in luxury tents and enjoy exquisite gastronomy from the Copenhagen Michelin restaurant Formel B. They have teamed up with Lillero for a glamping experience beyond the usual.



Lillero is a glamping place that offers accommodation in luxury tents under the stars. Here you can come and cook over a campfire, swim in the sea and enjoy the warmth in their saunas. Lillero is located right next to Sejerø Bay and has Høve Skov as its backyard. Come and enjoy relaxation and immerse yourself in the beautiful Danish nature.


Formel B

Formel B has had a Michelin star since 2004, and they also own several other restaurants such as Uformel, Sletten in Humlebæk and Palægade. Formel B's focus is first and foremost on fresh ingredients. Therefore, they work closely with their suppliers, which are mainly small Danish producers with respect for sustainability and nature.


Local vegetables and fish from the fjord

Little B is open to guests from May 18 until September 3. During this period, you can come and eat from 17:30. They offer nine creative dishes, which all reflect the season. The chef serves the food "family-style," meaning the whole table can share, taste and have a nuanced taste experience.

The menu will focus on sustainability and local produce, such as seafood from local vendors and vegetables from nearby farms. The beach bar is the perfect spot to enjoy local beers from the brewery To Øl, quality wines, and simple and appetizing servings.

You can easily take part in the dining experience without having to spend the night as Lille B functions as a seasonal restaurant during the warm summer months. So whether you are an overnight or a dining guest, this experience is one of a kind. Here you can enjoy the tranquillity and delicious food in the beautiful Danish summer nature.


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