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Welcome to ISSEI Restaurant & Bar Copenhagen!

What is ISSEI……
When the sakura maru travelled from Japan and landed on the shores of Peru in 1899 it took more than 800 people with it. Every passenger carried with them the recipes of their favourite dishes from home, and when they’d finished working the sugar plantations, they set to bring them to life once again, using locally sourced ingredients.

The japanese and peruvians had a love of fresh fish in common, and it was this that would become the foundation of nikkei cuisine. Just as the japanese traversed the sea to work on the land, so too would their foodbe inspired by the water and married to ingredients grown in peruvian earth.

Ingredients grown in the rich soil. Corn, potatoes, lime and chilli brought new, earthy flavours and sweetness that complemented the fresh and clean fish & rice.

Like nikkei, issei is the fusion of Japanese & Peruvian (South American) cultures. You can see examples of that combined energy in every aspect of our restaurant, from the food of course – but also how the bold, Peruvian geo-architecture houses Japanese design, lighting and even colours – influencing everything, from a vase of flowers to artwork on the walls. The result is a freeflowing, natural space with simplistic shapes, and a harmony reminiscent of a home built from land and sea.



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