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formel B

At Michelin restaurant formel B at Frederiksberg, the goal is to present a simple cuisine that is able to compete with the best restaurants in Copenhagen. A restaurant that focuses on the essentials: good food, good wine and above all a good, unpretentious atmosphere.


Less is more

'Less is more' is a key mantra for their approach in the kitchen.Their  focus is primarily the quality of the individual raw material. Therefore, they have a close relationship with their suppliers, which are mainly small Danish producers with a huge respect for sustainability and nature.

Rules, dogmas and forced menus are not something that you can expect to bump into at formel B. They describe themselves as a 'dynamic' restaurant with the taste as the ultimate focus. In the kitchen all ideas are being heard just as all raw materials can find their way to the plate as long as the quality is high enough.


Wine with personality

The majority of wine producers that you’ll find at the wine list at formel B are some that the owners have visited for several years. Thus they have developed a personal relationship with them and have learned a lot from them – Therefore the staff always offer a vast knowledge of wine producers and their wines.


The chefs behind

Formula B is driven daily by the chef Kristian Arpe-Møller and restaurant manager Rune Amgild Jochumsen. When they took over the restaurant in 2003, it was with a dream of Michelin stars and a restaurant of high international standard – And that dream has come true.

The ambitions were high and the passion was great, and it still applies today, but it is no longer the dream about Michelin-stardust and international recognition that keeps the two chefs going. What drives them today is the dream of the simple, honest and unpretentious restaurant that they have created together.


Growing bigger

Later on the two chefs has furthermore opened Restaurant Sletten in Humlebæk, formel B's younger brother Uformel in the heart of Copenhagen and Restaurant Palægade that are serving sandwiches and classic Danish food.


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