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Would you like to eat at one of the best brunch places in Copenhagen? Then Venner should be on the top of your must-visit list. Venner is located in the heart of Copenhagen in Teglgårdsstræde. Here, they serve breakfast which is a real treat for the tastebuds. 

Come over and become one of the ‘friends’

‘Venner’ is the Danish word for ‘friends’. Venner is located in the heart of Copenhagen and has been a popular place to brunch ever since it opened its doors. It is important for the people at Venner that the atmosphere is calm and casual in order to ensure a relaxing environment where you can lean back and enjoy delicious food and tasty drinks. When you take a seat at Venner, you will be received by the staff as a ‘friend’. 

Sustainable values and a commendable brunch

At Venner, they value sustainability and seasonal produce. The best produce of the season constitutes what is on the plate. The produce is carefully selected from the best suppliers in Denmark. Start the day with brunch which is not only Instagram-friendly but also tastes amazing!

You have the opportunity to small and simple meals depending on how hungry you are. If you find it hard to decide what to get, you should consider ordering the 6 dishes of the day. 

A restaurant run by friends

The two dedicated chefs, David Squire and Camille Bletton, are running the restaurant. The chefs have known each other since they worked together at the world-famous restaurant Kadeau. The many hours in the kitchen together have forged a strong bond between them. After having followed their dreams and live out their culinary adventures separately, they decided to form a partnership. Together with their talented team, they have created a unique restaurant environment. Venner could become your favourite brunch place. Because like friends, they are always here for you.


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