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MASH stands for Modern American Steakhouse and here you'll find the best of the American steak tradition: Large tender steaks carved from the best cattle in the world. Furthermore they have a well equipped wine list, inviting appetizers, cocktails with soul and mouth-watering desserts. Normally you don't assosciate airport food with high quality and great taste but you can certainly expect to be surprised if you visit MASH i Copenhagen Airport


The history

The first MASH (in Bredgade in Copenhagen) opened its doors in 2009 after several months of research on the right meat types and qualities, the best location and the perfect interior. The opening of MASH started as a counterpoint to molecular gastronomy and Nordic cuisine, which was a prevailing trend in the Danish gastronomy industry. The restaurant quickly became popular and the MASH family grew fast. Today you will find MASH several places in Copenhagen (Bredgade, Skovriderkroen, Rungsted, Penthouse and Airport), as well as in Aarhus and even abroad in both London and Hamburg.


The best of America

MASH offers the best of the American steak tradition. They serve high quality, big and juicy steaks, carefully selected from the best cattle in the world. The menu offers something for every taste whether you are into juicy grain fed American meat, a special piece of Uruguay Ribeye, a greasy burger or something else. If you are not the biggest meat-lover, you also find a selection of fish dishes, salads and various starters and desserts to choose from.


A total experience

The philosophy of MASH is that the service and atmosphere are just as important as your meal, and that all the components combined are important in order to ensure you an excellent dining experience. You will find that they do not compromise on ingredients, taste, framework, detail, interior or service. Hence also the decor is classy with the distinctive red leather sofas and chairs that have become the token of the decor at all MASH restaurants.



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