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Rabarbergaarden, located in North Zealand's lovely summer town of Tisvilde, is an organically run holistic farm. Here they have a fantastic restaurant that wishes to enchant and delight its guests to the best of its ability.

Farm life

If you come to dinner at Rabarbergaarden, you can look forward to a different and enriching experience, far from the ordinary restaurant visit. At Rabarbergaarden, you take a seat among the animals that will later end up on the plate. The chickens spread their wings, the lambs eat off the grass, and the pigs roam free and rummage around the grounds.

All animals are allowed to be animals and live their best lives here until slaughtered. You can most certainly taste it in the food.

A holistic approach to agriculture

At Rabarbergaarden, they work for a balanced world. Meaning that what they produce must be in balance with nature. The goal is for small farms to have the opportunity to supply the local area, create jobs, and for the land to be cultivated so as to make the best possible vegetables.

The farm areas are considered useful resources, which play an important role in operating the farm. That applies to everything from residual plants converted into animal feed or compost to coffee grounds from the espresso machine, which improves the soil.

Here at Rabarbergaarden, they portray an authentic farm and its many possibilities. The hope is to inspire others to live out their dreams and perhaps create life in the small villages around the area.

Dedicated owners and employees

The farm is owned by Louise and Thomas Køster, who runs the place in collaboration with persistent, qualified and dedicated employees. In the kitchen, they pay homage to professionalism and good service. Employees here learn basic yet extensive knowledge of the entire ground-to-table chain.

In addition to being a restaurant, Rabarbergården is also a grocery store, nursery, home to school gardens, and a place to learn from various courses and events.


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