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Osteria Nana is one of the newest Italian restaurants in Copenhagen and according to local magazines and guests a great potential to become your favourite restaurant. The restaurant is located on Store Kongensgade in the heart of Copenhagen. Here, you can enjoy simple and yet classic meals and the house’s homemade pasta which not alone look amazing - it is also extremely tasty! 

Italian menu with authentic dishes

“Mangiamo!” Let’s eat. That is also how it sounds around the dinner table when the big Italian family is gathered for a good meal. This homey atmosphere is what they want to offer their guests - and they have certainly succeeded! Guests have come in and out of the doors since they opened. At Osteria Nana, you will see that the menu is cohesive. As the proprietor of Osteria Nana, Zeqir Haziri, says: “We stick to what we know well which is authentic, Italian meals”.

Simple and tasty food

“We’ve deliberately gone for an informal atmosphere where it’s not fancy. However, it has to be tasty and simple. Just like you know it from the Italian trattoria” says Zeqir. Here, they focus on Italian know-how and Zeqir draws inspiration for the menu from his own experiences. He has worked for some years in an Italian restaurant abroad which explains why the Italian kitchen is so near his heart.

Creamy burrata in Osteria Nanas own burrata bar

Osteria Nana can boast of having their very own burrata bar. You know, the creamy round mozzarella-looking cheese that tastes like heaven. Osteria Nana is an authentic Italian restaurant in Copenhagen that serves food just like an Italian Nana would do it.


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