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Selskabsrestaurant Himmelhav

Restaurant Himmelhav, in the Kattegat Silo in Frederikshavn, has a beautiful view of both the sea and sky. Therefore, naturally, it was obvious to call it the Himmelhav (Sea of Heaven). Here you are presented with a restaurant experience and events that will take you to the skies both physically and spiritually. Come inside at Himmelhav and enjoy heavenly cuisine and a unique view.


A restaurant elevated above the others

Himmelhav differs from the other restaurants in Frederikshavn with its breathtaking location up in the clouds with a view of the city's maritime harbour environment. At Himmelhav, they have a great love for the noble art of cooking and all that it entails. Therefore, the use of the area's seasonal raw materials is also crucial here.

For example, get an all-inclusive gourmet experience with Himmelhav's latest food concept: "Wednesdays at the Top." Please book a table in advance if you want to be sure to get a seat. You can also take the food home as takeaway.


Uncompromising quality and culinary art

At Himmelhav, they adapt their menus according to the season and strive to always be innovative and inspire their guests. That is why the chefs are constantly working on rethinking the menu, so you can always expect exciting surprises on the plate.

In addition, they take great pride in setting the stage for life’s unique events and never compromise on quality. Himmelhav is love and cooking for all the senses.


Beautiful premises

Himmelhav not only has a spectacular view and tasty food - but they also boast their beautiful rooms indoors. So although you may be drawn to the view of the sea and the maritime harbour environment, the premises are also worth a look.

The two rooms invite you to nothing less than a party and good memories, which harmonize with Himmelhav's ambition to form the framework for your fun anniversaries. Have your wedding party, confirmation or round birthday party at Himmelhav and create memories for life. One end of the room has a bar, where it is also possible to have a dance floor. On the other end, they have a cozy nook, where you can retreat and enjoy the party from a distance.


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