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Restaurant Æblehaven in Snogebæk is a small and cozy restaurant, which after a few years of being closed, is now back in business. The restaurant serves a classic selection of open sandwiches for lunch and delicious summer-inspired dishes for the evening.


Good food made from scratch

In the early summer of 2021, Restaurant Æblehaven was finally able to welcome guests back inside their newly renovated premises. They have been looking forward to opening up the restaurant again. Chef Martin Reckendorff manages the place. Martin Reckendorff is also behind Restaurant 1B in Svaneke.

Æblehaven is open during the summer months when Snogebæk is a popular place to vacation. The ambition with Æblehavn is to bring it back to what it used to represent: great summer-inspired food made from scratch. And lots of coziness and a good atmosphere of course.

They have replaced the classic tablecloths with beautiful wooden tables, and all the waiters are ready to provide a laid-back service that makes every guest feel comfortable.


Local ingredients

At Restaurant Æblehaven, they go to great lengths to ensure that the food is given the right amount of time and love. They make all their dishes from scratch using the freshest ingredients that have barely left the ground before reaching the plate.

Æblehaven has a collaboration with several different farms, plantations, butchers and horticulture to ensure they use the freshest produce. In addition, the restaurant also has its very own greenhouse where they pick herbs and other ingredients for the dishes on the menu.


Sandwiches and summer-inspired food on the menu

Æblehaven is open for lunch and dinner. The lunch menu offers an inviting selection within the sandwich genre. In the evening, Æblehaven offers a sublime dining experience with an á la carte menu that consists of various starters, main courses and desserts. The menu continuously changes during the summer season.


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