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On the other side of Ofelia Plads, you will find Al Porto. Al Porto means “by the harbour,” and that is right where you are. At Al Porto, you are greeted with a lounge atmosphere, music from the DJ desk and the scent of barbecue and sweet drinks by some of the country's best bartenders.


Barbecue and Cocktails

Al Porto welcomes you to a barbecue and cocktail universe, which brings everyone in a summer mood. It is no coincidence that the menu consists of lobster and other delicacies from the sea plus juicy, grilled steaks.

When seafood is cooked and grilled in just the right way, it is world-class. And do not deny yourself of that taste experience,” says owner Armando Di Raffaele, a former participant in the popular program Hell's Kitchen.


Quality meat and street food bar

The meat is carefully selected and of the very best quality; the well-known and tasty Sashi meat. And high-quality meat must undoubtedly include cocktails in its own league. Therefore, guests can explore a cocktail menu, which will tempt both the connoisseur and the curious.

There is also a street food bar consisting of an outdoor kitchen, serving delicious pizzas, drinks to-go and calamari.


Welcome to Al porto Ofelia Plads

With its unique location, you can enjoy the true Riviera experience without booking a plane ticket! At Al Porto Ofelia Plads, they have taken care of everything good from the South in the middle of Copenhagen.

The menu allows you to taste small authentic dishes. Try their sea-fresh oysters or one of the Sicilian specialties. Here they have both larger and smaller dishes, so whether you are in the mood for a small bite to eat and a drink, or you are hungry for an all-evening experience at the harbour, there are plenty of opportunities.


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