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In 2018, a new bar called Crane Brothers opened on Torvet in Hillerød. Since then, they have been serving delicious, cold refreshments to thirsty people. Crane Brothers have a wide range of beers and cocktails, coffee and shakes - even those with booze in them!


Beer, cocktails and wines in all price ranges

Come by Crane Brothers when you are thirsty for a tasty drink. Here they serve everything from delicious specialty beers, cocktails and wines to coffee and shakes. The prices are at different levels, so everyone can join. They also have a wide selection of bottled beer from Mikkeller and draft beer from Tuborg. If you love tasty drinks, there is also plenty to choose from, whether you are into classic drinks or the house's very own interpretations.


Modern pub with coziness, drinks and soft music

At Crane Brothers, they focus on the target group, which is from 25 years and up. But if you are younger and find the atmosphere appealing, you are more than welcome inside. The concept actually is fairly simple: pure coziness, delicious drinks and music at a level where it is still possible to have a conversation with one another.

We want to make a modern pub. It is not going to be a party place – it is not a club disguised as a bar. It is a real bar. It is what it looks like.” These were the words of Morten Varano, co-owner of the bar.


The perfect atmosphere

Crane Brothers have complete control over the pub atmosphere. Claus Bolby is the designer of the beautiful ceiling lamps at Crane Brothers. They are from the 1970s and are the remains of a lamp he had made for a church in West Jutland. Now they hang here and help create the perfect pub atmosphere.

The people behind Bag Crane Brothers are the music companies Crunchy Frog and Verano Music. In addition to Crane Brothers, they also run several other bars in Copenhagen. Among others the popular venue, RUST, Whammy Bar on Amager, The Mud Honey and The Flatiron on Nørrebro.


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