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The Mudhoney resides at Guldbergsgade 22 in Nørrebro in Copenhagen – known as one of the city's nicest and most coveted little streets, which exudes life. The bar offers both coffee and tasty cocktails.


Coffee, Milkshakes, and drinks

At The Mudhoney, their motto is: "Coffee, Shakes and Booze,” which is precisely what the menu entails. Guests have long enjoyed coming here to toast in both the hot and the cold refreshments. They have a large selection of warm and cold drinks with and without alcohol. The coffee comes from Amager's Copenhagen Coffee Lab, which produces coffee of the absolute highest quality.

If you are not into coffee, indulge in one of The Mudhoney’s delicious cold milkshakes, made from the house's own mint green retro milkshake maker from the 1950s. Here you can get both well-known signature shakes and more creative inventions. There are also versions with alcohol if you want it to be extra festive. For example, try an Irish Coffee shake, or what about a Bourbon Sour? Explore the menu or ask the bartender for recommendations. In addition, you can also get both wine and beer on tap and bottle.


Cozy and atmospheric retro decor

The decor is characterized by beautiful colours and different kinds of patterned wallpaper on the walls. All of which helps create the perfect mood and atmosphere, reminiscent of an American diner back in the 1960s.

The beautiful lamps from the 70s produce a soft glow, and when darkness falls, there is ample opportunity to sit in a nook and talk with each other. The staff at the bar are seasoned and happy people who enjoy servicing the house guests and giving them a great experience at The Mudhoney.


The owners

The Mudhoney is run by passionate people in the music industry. It is partly the record company Crunchy Frog and partly the people behind the popular venue, RUST, who owns The Mudhoney. Music, therefore, plays a supporting role at The Mudhoney - both through the speakers and as decoration on the walls.

The team here also runs Whammy Bar on Amager and The Flatiron on Nørrebro. In a short amount of time, they have managed to make their way onto Copenhagen's list of popular bars in the city. Whammy Bar even received the City's award for Best Bar of the Year.


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