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On the fashionable Frederiksberg - more precisely on Falkoner Allé 38 - there resides a restaurant a bit out of the ordinary. The name is Avobaren, and maybe you can already guess from that what is the landmark in this place. There is avocado in EVERYTHING on the menu.


An edible work of art

You are no doubt familiar with the small green fruit with the large stone in the middle. Over the past few decades, avocado has become an extremely popular food to photograph for one’s Instagram. It makes sense considering its beautiful colour that is so inviting. The fruit is superb not only in its original form but in all sorts of tasty ways.

Who exactly came up with this idea? Well, Pernille Schoubo and Rosa Engmark did. Together, they conjure genius dishes from little fruit, and new ideas are constantly in development.


Avocado on the menu

Avobaren opened in early 2021, and since then, curious people from the city have flocked to taste the many green dishes with avocado. Raw, blended, mashed or fried - only the imagination sets limits on how you can cook the tropical fruit here at the restaurant. Whether you are a meat-eater, vegetarian or vegan, it is a guarantee that you will be full when you visit Avobaren.

How about an avo burger with crispy fries and juicy meat? Here the normal bun is replaced with avocado. You can also enjoy a bowl of coconut or spirulina with silky foam of banana, spinach, pineapple, and kiwi. These are just a small selection of the dishes you can look forward to here at Avobaren.


Rainforest vibes

Not only is the food worth taking pictures of at Avobaren. Here they have decorated themselves in a rainforest style with rustic elements. The chairs are soft and comfortable, and if you take a look up at the ceiling, there is a real jungle atmosphere in the form of hanging plants and beautiful basket lamps.


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