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Restaurant SAK Samsø

Restaurant SAK is a modern and cozy eatery located within walking distance to Ballen harbor Samsø. With professional pride and a smile on their face, they serve memorable dining experiences with a focus on good meat and good wines. The name comes from the local grain and feed business, Samsø Korn A / S, and the local and local is also an important part of SAK's spirit.

Commitment and uncompromising passion
Restaurant SAK is the essence of great commitment and uncompromising passion for what they do. If you are a supporter of good meat of the highest quality, you will never go in vain at SAK. Here, there is a guarantee that you get the best hook-ripened meat, which is delivered by Danish Crown's Guldrummet.

In addition to good meat, Restaurant SAK also has an increased focus on wine, where the house's sommelier has a heart that beats for Burgundy. In collaboration with the supplier, he has put together a sublime wine list with special emphasis on the French wine district. If you want to try several different kinds of wines during your dinner, it is also an opportunity to explore the restaurant's wine bar, which houses wines from all over Europe.

A breakfast from the Danish coastal summer country
SAK is open for lunch and dinner, and the menu offers tasty interpretations of familiar dishes. The map is clear, but embraces a wide range, so you will be able to find something you like, regardless of preferences. Enjoy a lunch that is all about the good from the Danish coastal summer country, or book a table for the evening and get three dishes for just 350 kroner. In addition, you can buy a free wine bar for two hours for DKK 150.

Ideal for life's big parties
If you need to hold a larger event, Restaurant SAK is the obvious choice. The inviting rooms with rustic plank tables and wooden beams in the ceiling can accommodate up to 100 seated guests. This makes the place extremely suitable for large companies, and SAK's staff will be happy to set the framework for the landmark events in your life.

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