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Surrounded by trees, you will find the restaurant Babbo's Woods. Here guests can enjoy a different restaurant experience with food prepared over a campfire. The menu is simple and made from the fresh ingredients that the area has to offer. They offer fish and game when in season.


When you need a break from the stress of everyday life

It is hard to think of a better place to take a well-deserved break from everyday life than right here at Babbo’s Wood. Babbo’s Wood holds on to a strong desire to live in harmony with its surroundings.

Welcome to a secret refuge hidden in the deep quiet of the forest near Stenby. An oasis that offers countless walks along the coast, spa experiences in heated wilderness baths, and of course, food prepared over an open fire. Babbo’s Woods is without a doubt the obvious place to get lost in finding yourself.


Food cooked over a campfire

Many people consistently chase the unique experiences that really burn into the memory, and Babbo’s Woods is one of those places that brings something different to the table. They are experts in the outdoor experience, and they make all their food over a campfire.

They pick raw materials nearby so that they can preserve the freshness of the ingredient. Unlike the high-profile fine dining restaurants, Babbo’s Woods cooks without the use of clever tricks and fine techniques. They are confident that fresh ingredients themselves are enough to breathe life into the dishes.


A sustainable approach

The menu is simple, tasty, and caring for the environment. They never harvest more than needed for the specific meal, and the local fishers and hunters are in charge of delivering fish and meat to the table.

Babbo’s Woods wants to put as small a footprint in nature as possible, and, therefore, they approach the task with a 100 percent sustainable approach. They produce crops on their 2,000 square meters of land, located on the edge of the forest.


If you want to get the full experience with spa, accommodation in a tent or the open air and breakfast, then Babbo’s Woods should be your next booking.


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