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Rørvig Fisk

If you stroll along the quayside at Rørvig Harbour, you will no doubt encounter Rørvig Fisk. Take a seat inside or outside and enjoy the view of the sea, sky and sailboats while you hungrily throw yourself at the restaurant's fish and seafood buffet.


Large seafood buffet

In beautiful maritime settings, Rørvig Fisk invites you in for a sumptuous buffet, which consists of fresh seafood. The Fish and Seafood Buffet consists of a jumble of small unique fish specialties, herring variations, salads with seafood, smoked products, regional specialties, seafood of the day, gourmet garnishes, seasonal green salads, and accessories in the form of dressings, home-baked bread and much more.

As something new to the buffet, you can also buy dishes such as Moule Frittes, Rib-eye steak, Fruits de Mer and a delicious cheese dish.

You will find the restaurant on the first floor next to the quay, where in addition to the seafood buffet, you can enjoy the impressive view of the Isefjord and Rørvig Harbour.


Dining available inside and outside

At Rørvig Fisk, they have room for about 60 dining guests indoors and as many as 80 outdoors. On warm summer evenings, you can enjoy dinner on the tiled terrace with both pergola and glass, which shield you from the wind. If the weather is nice, you can also sit under the large parasols on the open terrace, where there is room for 50 guests.


Big focus on locality and quality

Rørvig Fisk is a local restaurant that contributes positively to the natural life at the harbour. Therefore, it is also a place to prioritize and appreciate the locally caught seafood that the fishers have pulled up right out here in the Kattegat and the Isefjord. So when you dig into a sea-fresh fish for lunch here on the land register, it probably swam around in the water just outside the window a short time ago.


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