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Prinses Juliana Aalborg

Prinses Juliana floats in the middle of North Jutland's capital, where the waterfront's modern architectural structures meet the classic old buildings from the western part of the city. The quay is central right by Vestre Havnepromenade.


A restaurant on an old training ship

Prinses Juliana is a floating restaurant where guests are welcomed inside in a relaxed, maritime atmosphere. Mahogany floors, brass fittings and a gentle surge of waves give guests a rare and authentic experience. The ship is beautifully furnished with an open view to the lower deck and an open wheelhouse. It also allows guests to experience different views depending on the season.

Prinses Juliana originally served as a Dutch training ship - named by HRH Princess Juliana of Holland in 1931 - hence the Dutch name "Prinses Juliana." The ship has functioned as a restaurant ship since approx. 1980.


Focus on the good experiences

At Prinses Juliana, food is a passion. Here they believe that one eats with both the eyes and mouth. The passion is distinct through the varied menu that ranges from simple lunch dishes to tasty all-evening menus. The chefs make all dishes from scratch, and guests are, therefore, in for an authentic experience.


Own cultivation and local producers

The owners have grown up with agriculture and, therefore, have in-depth knowledge of the ingredients. They choose all sustainable raw materials with care and focus on using local producers from the North Jutland regions. They serve vegetables from their own cultivation on the menu – It, therefore, varies depending on the seasons.

North Jutland is known as a food mecca, which contains a lush nature. The chefs aboard the ship collect mushrooms, herbs, and berries themselves and use them in their tasty dishes. In addition to what the chefs collect and produce, they use ingredients from the area's recognized local producers. Overall, the restaurant has a strong focus on using suppliers who care about animal welfare and sustainability.


Everyone is welcome on board

The decor is stylish. The maritime vibe is intact and supported with green plants and a gorgeous interior. The spectacular views are available for everyone to see throughout the ship. The ship exudes coziness and presence, and the staff provides the right atmosphere needed.


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