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Sejlklubbernes Restaurant

Sejlklubbernes Restaurant resides in Charlottenlund in the maritime surroundings of Skovshoved harbour. Here they serve classic dishes based on French cuisine and seasonal ingredients, and you can enjoy a formidable view of Øresund.


Rustic French dishes

Welcome inside the harbour's little saltwater pearl. Sejlklubbernes Restaurant welcomes you to come by for both a quick cup of coffee in the sun after a ride on the waves and a nice dinner when hunger strikes. The place has, over time, had several tenants, and today it is chef Peter Mose who is in charge. Peter loves French cuisine and draws inspiration for the restaurant's menu from it. In addition, rustic and simple cooking is something that they mainly practice here.

Besides Sejlklubbernes Restaurant, Peter Mose also leases Trekroner Fort, where he lives. He, therefore, sails every day to and from the two places.


A restaurant with a focus on sustainability

At Sejlklubbernes Restaurant, they think sustainability in every conceivable scenario – they cannot help it! The staff uniforms are made from recycled textiles, they carefully sort all waste, and they are meticulous when choosing their suppliers. For example, Sejlklubbernes Restaurant collaborates with FANGST, which delivers canned fish – perfect as a delicacy on sourdough bread with lemon and crispy salad. The cafeteria delivers slow coffee from double-roasted beans. The freshly squeezed juice comes from the family-owned company Rosengården, the flour is organic and ground by Kornbymølle, and Hansen Is delivers cold desserts.

"Why choose the sometimes-easy solution when it is just as easy to choose the sustainable raw materials," says Peter Mose.


Events and parties

At Sejlklubbernes Restaurant, they have the perfect environment for hosting various events. It is a beautiful place to celebrate love, another year or something completely third, and their helpful staff are always on hand to make sure you have your dream party.


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