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Grab a seat on the first floor above BoShop in Aalborg. Here you will find På Fjorden – a playful restaurant with a sense of great taste and knows how to utilize the Limfjord's vast culinary treasure trove. Here you will find both a wine bodega and bakery in one.


Find it on the first floor in the middle of the city

På Fjorden is a restaurant located in connection with the housing universe BoShop in the center of Aalborg. In these unique premises of just over 1700 square meters, it is possible to buy utilities not easily found in other stores. That same attitude to the restaurant itself as På Fjorden is also far from similar to others.


Wine shop and bakery

The restaurant with an impeccable view of the fjord also houses a wine shop and a bakery. If you do not know what a wine bodega is, come by and experience it at På Fjorden.

"We want to create an oasis where there is room for taste and enjoyment of life, and where it should be an experience - whether you come in for a bite of bread, a glass of wine or a cold beer," are the words of Git Becker, who is behind the idea of På Fjorden.


Experienced team

Git has years of experience in the Danish business industry, but she is not alone in realizing her dreams. She has allied herself with an experienced chef and a baker, who is part of the Danish national bakery team.

The approach to food here is playful, and there is a good sense of taste throughout. The dishes are rustic and taste fantastic, and you can enjoy them in the morning, noon and evening. Start your day with their legendary sourdough croissants or end it with a glass of wine and a bite to eat.


Make use of the Limfjord's pantry

As you enjoy the view of the Limfjord, you can rejoice that much of lives in the fjord also ends up on your plate. På Fjorden is happy to utilize the pantry of the Limfjord as it stores many tasty ingredients such as oysters and mussels.


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