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Den Grønne Verden Spiseriet

Søllestedgaard Gods has Lolland Falster's largest kitchen garden. Here, Den Grønne Verden (English: The Green World) has opened a unique place where you can smell, taste, and experience the cultivation of fresh vegetables. You are always welcome to explore Den Grønne Verden.


Biodynamic cultivation of the soil

It is all about going back to the roots at Den Grønne Verden, and they do so by cultivating the kitchen garden traditions that used to be an ingrained part of the household in the agricultural community. Herbs, vegetables, and flowers are sown and grown according to biodynamic principles.

The soil on Lolland is especially suitable for growing, and there is no doubt that the juice, sun, wind, rain, and changing temperatures can be tasted in the finished product. If you are skeptical, then come by and give it a try yourself.


Father and son duo

Den Grønne Verden is run daily by father and son, Gert and Asger Lünekilde in collaboration with landowner Ulrik Th. Jørgensen. What started as a hobby for Gert has become a lifelong passion for herbs, edible flowers and vegetables.

Asger has a background as a chef and has now followed in his father's footsteps. The success has resulted in some coveted green asparagus, which several of the country's restaurants purchase, along with Den Grønne Verden’s other wonderful products. Some of their customers are Restaurant ND122, Il Buco and Bandholm Hotel.


Visit both the restaurant & farm shop

The Green World is a restaurant and café, which serves all things tasty from the garden in combination with meat, beer, and other goods from local producers. But if you simply cannot get enough after your dinner, you can go for a walk in the estate's farm shop, where you can buy various fresh and healthy delicacies to bring home with you.


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