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Haraldskær's Restaurant og Events

The scenic area around Vejle Ådal is rich in experiences such as long walks, runs and cycling. And here, among all the greenery, lies a white mansion, lit up. The name is Haraldskær Sinatur, and in the restaurant, you can look forward to tasteful elements from their kitchen garden and the best local producers.


A kitchen garden for any season

Find your way to the beautiful place Haraldskær, whose cuisine is inspired by seasonal ingredients and the local suppliers' selected specialties. In the garden, they dig up new potatoes themselves in the summer, and the cherries from the trees are always both red and sweet.

During the colder months, you can look forward to home-grown red cabbages and juicy root vegetables adorning the winter menu. Regardless of the season, the chefs at Haralskær Sinatur Hotel & Konference make a virtue out of using the garden's fruits and vegetables.


Sustainable thinking

At Haraldskær, they cook on nature's terms. They make all their dishes from scratch, the ingredients are almost exclusively organic, and they prefer to pick up their herbs at home in the river valley. Food waste is combated daily by utilizing as much of the raw materials as possible.

All this is part of Haraldskær's sustainable thinking, which ultimately delivers eminent meals to the house's guests. When you cut right down to the bone, you get as much as possible. The place is also the owner of the Organic Food Label in silver.


A wide network of local producers

Besides the lush garden at Haraldskær, which, as mentioned, supplies cherries, potatoes and herbs to the restaurant, the kitchen is also fortunate to have a unique network of local suppliers. They all produce quality products in different genres. Haraldskær gets, for example, their chickens from Hopballe Mølle, their cheeses from award-winning Ryon at Elmegaarden in Sommersted, and juicy blueberries from Knud.

Here, they place a high value on knowledge of the products – they will happily tell you why Knuds, Ryons and Hopbale's products are the best flavours in your dish. And I wonder if you can taste it yourself.


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