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The railway in Malling came with a brand-new inn in the year 1884. Since then, the place has functioned as an inn where you can stop by for something to eat or drink. Although the owners have changed over the years, the spirit of the place remains the same. Malling Kro is a warm and cozy place with great food and delicious wine.


Relaxed settings

In January 2021, they have once again welcomed new forces to Malling Kro, whose premises have been beautifully renovated to match the aura of the building. The new host couple is named Tina and Rune Aaby, and together with their friendly staff, they are ready to welcome you inside in Aarhus' most beautiful inn.

The casual settings and the friendly atmosphere instantly infects the visiting guests because Malling Kro is a spacious place where you and your neighbour can both feel at home in the dining rooms.


Simple gastronomy and a unique wine list

At Malling Kro, the ambitions are high, and the kitchen’s philosophy is that food must be simple, locally-based, and full of taste. So, when you sit down at your table, you will be well taken care of and lack nothing in the slightest.

Wine has played a major role for many years at Malling Kro, and it still does. The house has a big wine cellar, which offers many tasty bottles, old vintages and exciting stories connected to the different wines.


Overnight stays and cultural experiences

In addition to having a nice restaurant, Malling Kro functions as a small, cozy hotel. There are a total of eight rooms, all of which are different and reside on the first floor of the house. Here, too, renovations have taken place, and the rooms are both inviting and spacious.

Malling Kro resides in Aarhus, and the area just around the inn is full of enriching experiences of both the cultural and natural kind. Less than four kilometres from the inn are some of Denmark's best beaches and the unique Moesgaard Museum, which is surrounded by green forests. So there are lots of experiences to combine with your visit to Malling Kro.


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