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In 1990, Aarhus gained another gourmet restaurant to the city's well-founded restaurant scene. The name was Miró, and it is still called that today. After a two-year “break” as a wine and specialty store, Miró is back as a restaurant, and that pleases the food-loving Aarhusians. Now you need to hear why!


A French experience

Miró is owned by Toni Leichtle, who has always been the guarantor of delivering the authentic French experience. Today, he runs Miró together with a small team of passionate people who do their utmost to create the perfect settings and the best dishes. Together, they provide good service and enjoy mingling with the guests, who always leave the table happy and full.


Dishes, snacks, or "hele molevitten.”

On the menu, you will find homemade delicacies in the form of fragrant delicacies and a daily five-course menu, which, of course, is based on the season's current ingredients. You can also select the menu "hele molevitten" if you want the full experience. Here you get snacks, champagne with caviar, five dishes, a wine menu and coffee with sweets to conclude the experience.


Wine list packed with classics and new inputs

On the wine list, you will find classic wines, wines from smaller producers and exciting new wines from their own imports. And if you make your way past Miró, you are also more than welcome to explore their impressive wine cellar on your own.


Curious approach to food

In addition to the Francophile theme, Miró has a special focus on tasty food, good craftsmanship and quality ingredients. Therefore, they also work closely with their suppliers and manufacturers, who are carefully selected and are preferably local. In general, Miró approaches the tasks with great commitment and curiosity, which, without a doubt, can also be tasted in the finished product. So, you will always be challenging your taste buds when you sit down at the table at Miró.


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