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When you visit the heart-warming Steingrim's Kælder, located in Haslev, you will experience the inviting atmosphere that prevails in this cozy restaurant. When you settle down, you will be able to enjoy nostalgic music from the 1960s-1998s emitting from the speakers while eating their incredible menu.


Fantastic atmosphere in Steingrims Kældder

Steingrims Kælder serves dishes that are precise and balanced. Besides their à la carte menu, they offer three 5-course menus; Game, Fish and Fråderen.

They also offer the so-called Omakaze, also known as the Trust Menu. It is an intriguing menu varying from 4 to 16 dishes, including drinks. However, you can only order this menu if you are over 18 as it is not available without alcohol. It should also be noted that this menu is not vegan friendly either.

If you are more in the mood to explore their à la carte menu, you will not be disappointed. They offer several exquisite dishes. Steingrims Kælder has a clear-cut focus on ensuring that all the animals they use have lived a good and healthy life within 50 km of the restaurant.


Welcoming staff

The good ole Steingrim practically lives in his kitchen, passionately creating each and every dish on the menu. In the evening, you may also find him on the floor greeting and conversing with the many guests. The daily interaction with his guests is incredibly important to Steingrim.

Part of the kitchen is two seasoned chef students, Lucas and Simon, who are highly committed to the art of cooking. With great passion, they present the dishes to the restaurant's guests in cooperation with the skilled and accommodating waiters. The staff at Steingrims Kælder provides a service that makes you feel both welcome and well-taken care of.


Rock N Roll

When the weekend arrives, the restaurant is transformed into a pub full of rock and a festive mood. On Fridays and Saturdays, the music will be blasting from 23:00 to 02:00, so you can really feel it is the weekend. The place often hosts events such as pub quizzes and karaoke as well. You will, without a doubt, never become bored at Steingrims Kælder.

All evening they serve delicious cocktails, juices, wine and beer. If a little hunger should occur, the kitchen will serve snacks until the restaurant closes.


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