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One Four Eight

One. Four. Eight


Located near Amager Beach, only one minute away from Orestund Metro Station, lies the cozy, recently opened One. Four. Eight. Focusing on organic, homemade products, and seasonal delights, our restaurant welcomes you to rejoice in a relaxed, yet fancy atmosphere!


A fine breakfast restaurant,
inspired by the concept of social dining, One. Four. Eight. offers a small, but distinguished selection of dishes, based on fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. You can choose between our 24 breakfast items and you have the option to mix n’ match your breakfast according to your own desires!


Lunch that satisfies your cravings
Whether you are in the mood for trying the pinnacle of Danish cuisine – Smørrebrød, or you are looking for something more international, One. Four. Eight. has you covered! Our Lunch Menu consists of a balanced mix of traditional and sophisticated dishes, which you can pair with our delicious cocktails, fine wines, or ecologic juices. Furthermore, you can always enjoy two cocktails for the price of one during our Happy Hour, between 16:00 and 18:00!


Surf & turf with a twist
One. Four. Eight offers a sleek combination of sea and land products, giving you the possibility to experience an exquisite evening meal. We highly recommend starting your experience at One. Four. Eight with the homemade snacks and a glass of French, Spanish or German wine, then continue with the your choice of starter & main course and finally, one of our carefully selected deserts!


In need of extra motivation?

99% of what we serve is fresh and homemade

60% of our products are also organic. 

Last but not least, we are a team of young and enthusiastic people, passionate about the hospitality industry, and focused on providing great service and unforgettable experiences for our guests. So come by, we are so excited to meet you!


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