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Il Corvino

At Il Corvino in Ravnsborggade, they take fun very seriously. Cooking is both enjoyable and enriching for them, but it also comes with a sense of responsibility. Therefore, the team behind Il Corvino carefully selects their suppliers for meat, fish, cheese, fruits, vegetables, and wine. They are confident that you will taste the difference when you sit down at their table, expecting a complete and satisfying evening.

The Raven has built its nest in Ravnsborggade

Ravnsborggade is known to be one of Copenhagen's cosiest streets, offering a bit of everything: bars, restaurants, and lots of ambience. Here, you will find the little Italian restaurant, Il Corvino, which curiously means 'The Raven' in Italian.

This delightful restaurant has it all, and you are welcome to drop by for a casual glass of wine with your new date, for a quick bite to eat, or even for an extended full evening of enjoyment.

The best of Italy

The food embodies the best of Italy – pasta, gnocchi, risotto, and much more that will make your mouth water. The prices are also reasonable, and you will leave feeling satisfied without putting too much strain on your wallet. However, they never compromise on their high standards, both in terms of service and the food itself.

The atmosphere is chic and relaxed, and Il Corvino has already earned the status of being a favourite spot for many locals when they crave top-notch Italian cuisine.

The joy of a simple meal and excellent service

Il Corvino is comprised of a passionate team of chefs and servers, all sharing the same fascination for cooking and providing great service. Some of them are seasoned professionals and can talk extensively about the origin of wine, Sardinian sheep's cheese, and much more, all with a sparkle in their eyes. Others may be new to the floor, perhaps not yet skilled at carrying three plates in one hand, but it does not matter because their joy is genuine, and that is what truly matters.

At Il Corvino, they all share the joy of a simple meal that tastes delicious, paired with a delightful glass of wine to be enjoyed at the same time.


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