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In an idyllic spot on the coast south-east of Aakirkeby you will find Kadeau Bornholm. Here you can enjoy a meal based on new nordic principles and Bornholm ingredients, served in an unpretentious setting right between beach and forest in the middle of Bornholm nature.

Michelin restaurant

In February 2016 Kadeau Bornholm achieved their first Michelin Star and since then the restaurant has been even more popular than usual. Behind the renowned restarant are the two childhood friends and compagnions, Rasmus Kofoed and Nicolai Nørregaard.

The two compagnions had a common dream to explore the island's natural food ressources and to shed positive light on the great gastronomi of Bornholm.

Their common passion lead to the opnening of Kadeau Bornholm in 2007. Today, about a decade later the two comrades can now take credit for putting Bornholm on the gastronomic world map. Furthermore they opnened the Michelin Restaurant Kadeau in Copenhagen in 2011.  

The taste of Bornholm

Kadeau explores the availability of seasonal ingredients, the regional cuisine, and the local produce. They use herbs, berries, and mushrooms from Bornholm’s nature, vegetables and fruits from local farmers, and flour, oils, honey, beer, meats and dairy products from local producers.

They also grow a lot of things themselves in their own kitchen garden.

Locally produced ceramic

Kadeau’s dishes are presented in bright surroundings on locally produced ceramics, glassware, wood, and stones from the Bornholm coastlines. At Kadeau Bornholm you can look forward to a dining experience revolving around the Bornholm terroir.


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