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Regional kitchen

At Kadeau the food focuses on the regional kitchen but draws inspiration from all over the world. The team has a special love for Bornholm, and their background from the island is the center of their cooking. Therefore you will find lots of produce from Bornholm all year round. 

Behind the restaurant is the renowned team consisting of Rasmus Kofoed, Nicolai Nørregaard and Magnus Høegh Kofoed, who all grew up in Bornholm together. The koncept is  mounted on the exploration of the island's nature and good produce, and their affection for their background is clear throughout the restaurant.


Innovative nordic

At Kadeau, the ambition is to define a new taste of Bornholm within the dogmas of the new nordic cuisine. Simplicity, complexity, freshness, crunchiness and depth are all important ingredients in their cooking, and there are constantly experimented with old and new cooking methods.

For kadeau it is essential to both value the old traditions and to constantly renew themselves. They have a playful and explorative approach to cooking without comprimising with thoroughness.


Intimate dining experience

The vision for Kadeau Copenhagen is to create an intimate dining experience. In their sorroundings at Wildersgade in Christianshavn there is only room for 24 guests, and the lighting, acustic and size of the rooms makes it feel like your are dining in a private home. Furthermore the decor allows you to have a great view  into the open kitchen, where the chefs are doing their magic.


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