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Konstrast is a brand new restaurant that opened in the new hotel hotspot Villa Copenhagen. With a renowned chef at the helm, all sails are set in the ambition to become Copenhagen’s new favourite eatery. The restaurant uses local ingredients and combines flavours in untraditional ways.

The dishes on the menu consist of seasonal and organic ingredients as well as sustainably produced meat and fish, which all come from local farmers. Inside, the atmosphere is attentive and embracing which fits well with the sharing dinner mindset where you get together and share the dishes at the table.


The story behind the name ‘Konstrast’

The new restaurant is named Kontrast for a reason. Like the rest of the hotel, the restaurant embraces and unites the unrefined, edgy and more urban Vesterbro with the luxury and exclusivity of the inner city. The restaurant is a cosmopolitan brasserie. It’s a place that focuses on the contrast between the flavours of locally grown ingredients and spices from Southern Europe and North Africa.


Renowned team

At the head of the gastronomic universe at Villa Copenhagen is the hotels' Executive Chef, Tore Gustafsson. Tore has been a household name in the culinary scene since 2011 and is known for being the chef at one of the meatpacking district’s oldest and most renowned eateries Paté Paté. Alongside the Head Chef Carl Henriksson, the ambition is to create a restaurant the exudes more than just a good dining experience:

“With Contrast, we must cultivate the diversity and dare to create culinary experiences that challenge and push the boundaries. Kontrast tastes of Turkey and Morocco mixed with a bit of Denmark and my own native country Sweden. The concept of Kontrast is basically about creating togetherness and experiences. At Kontrast, dishes from different cultures are shared across the table. Kontrast is a cosmopolitan melting pot where responsible consumption, production and the continuous strive for great taste are at the core of our foundation” - Tore Gustafsson.



All new initiatives at Konstrast are evaluated from a sustainable perspective. Tore and his team pay special attention to the production of ingredients, how to limit food waste, and how remaining food waste can be disposed of. To make it as sustainable as possible, Konstrast has invested in a BioMaster, a composting mill that grinds all food waste. The food waste is transported to the nearest biogas plant to be emptied and converted into biogas, a CO2-friendly energy source. The residual product can be used as organic fertilizer so that nothing is wasted.


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