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Mahalle Frederiksberg

Mahalle at Rolighedsvej 15 at Frederiksberg is the spot if you want to feast on mouth-watering Lebanese food with a focus on vegetarian options. The place is doused with Middle Eastern interior and smells that make you feel as if you had just teleported straight to the lively Hamra Street in Beirut.


Taste of Lebanon

The popular restaurant has already opened three more Mahalle Restaurants around the city of Copenhagen as the people cannot get enough of Mahalle and their tasty food. They have everything from Lebanese breakfast plates to a wonderful selection of tapas. Furthermore, there are dishes such as halloumi salad with flatbread and creamy dips to add to your choice of dish. The dishes are nothing short of a delight for your stomach and your eyes.


Popular Vegetarian Spot

Mahalle is a great place to stop by for a delicious plate of veggies, and as you enter this cozy space, you surround yourself with Lebanese décor and friendly staff who are always ready to serve you. The restaurant leans towards vegetarian meals on their menus, but they do have a couple of meat options for the meat-lovers. They are also the Winners of the 2019 “Best Vegetarian Dishes” Award in Copenhagen, so there is no doubt that this is the perfect place to taste a vegetarian dish.


Beautiful plating

If you want to get the perfect picture for your Instagram, then this is the perfect location. The plating here at Mahalle restaurant will mesmerize you. You can check out Mahalle’s Instagram and see the undeniable truth as to why they are famous for their meticulous and beautiful plating. The use of blue porcelain plates with Middle Eastern motives are exquisite and pair well with the just as gorgeous food.


Sharing is Caring

At Mahalle there are so many dishes on their menu it can be an impossible choice, which is why that the best thing to do here at Mahalle, is to bring your friends and family along and order a variety of dishes from the menu. This way, you get the ultimate Mahalle experience as they have a very reasonably priced menu, making it a great place for students as well who wish to dine out without worrying about breaking the bank!


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