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Syv Ni 13 is located on Frederiksgade 74 in central Aarhus. The space had previously been occupied by the Michelin restaurant Substans, which is opening at a new place in May. Syv Ni 13 is just two minutes away from the Aros Museum and Musikhuset. The restaurant is open Monday-Saturday from 17:00. On weekdays the kitchen closes at 21:00 and Thursday-Saturday it closes at 22:00. However, the restaurant also has a bar, and they have no definite closing time.


Three young owners

The restaurant is run and owned by three young men, Kalle, Asbjørn and Frederik. They all have experience in the restaurant biz and have had leadership roles both in the kitchen but also on the floor. Together they make an unstoppable team, each of them playing to their strengths. Even though they only opened in October 2019, the young lads have already become known for owning one of the best restaurants in Aarhus. They recently won the award “Smag Prisen” 2020 and was declared Aarhus’ best new restaurant.


Social dining inspired by food all around the world

The concept at Syv Ni 13 is something called social dining. Social dining means that you order a bunch of small servings and share them at the table. The food is mostly grounded in the Nordic kitchen, however, the kitchen draws inspiration from all over the world. The menu consists of 12-14 dishes ranging from cold and warm dishes to desserts. The menu changes as often as the weather does here in Denmark, ensuring that your visit to Syv Ni 13 will be unique every time.


Minimalistic and modern interior

Not only is the food minimalistic in its creation, but so is the interior inside the restaurant. At Syv Ni 13, less is more in every sense. The interior has a modern touch to it, giving the restaurant an urban vibe. The heart of the restaurant is their specially designed bar. The restaurant also has big windows that give guests a panorama look onto the busy life of Frederiksgade.


The story behind 7-9-13

The restaurant is named after an old Nordic superstition where you have to say seven-nine-thirteen in an effort to avoid jinxing yourself after stating good news, for example. The superstition is similar to the “knock-on-wood” superstition, where you knock on wood to avoid tempting fate after making a statement or a favourable prediction.


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