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The Tower Restaurant is Christiansborg’s only restaurant. Since opening in 2014, it has become one of the top tourist attractions for its spectacular view and fine dining. All guests are welcome to come to experience the view from the tallest tower in the City free of cost.


Danish History in All Its Glory

With its location, food, and remarkable view of Copenhagen, you are in for a treat at the top of the Danish Parliament. Located right across from the historic Church of Holmen, where the Danish Queen Margrethe II got married in 1967, this area is a prime location for Danish history.

The Restaurant sits atop the Tower of The Parliament, which was constructed between 1908-1928. The Restaurant’s space, which sits just below the lookout, was a closed-off area to the public until 2012 when an initiative from the Parliament resulted in the historical space opening up.


Attractive Spot for Tourists and Locals

Not only do tourists flock to this magnificent area, but locals also enjoy visiting the rich history of this Copenhagen hot spot. With its historical architecture, it feels like stepping into the past, which is the goal of the restaurant.

The Tower Restaurant wishes to enrapture you with its unique location, the Danish minimalist interior mixed with historic architecture, and lastly, with its take on Danish cuisine.


Celebrating Danish Culture

Stepping into the grand room of the Restaurant, with its high ceilings, you are ready to enjoy a Danish feast side by side with the almost 200-year-old Lion statues. The menu introduces you to Classic Danish food, which touches both on the past but also present features.

The menu is attractive and folksy, with a focus on organic ingredients. It is a must when visiting Copenhagen to visit the Tower and enjoy a glass of wine paired with their famous open-faced sandwiches as you take in the breathtaking view of the city below.


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