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The beautiful restaurant is located inside a gorgeous old-timey farm-building. The building is surrounded by towering trees and the Hasseris Church in Aalborg. The restaurant doubles as a catering company. They offer delicious gastronomic dishes for every occasion.

Svalegaarden MEST

The farm-building was resurrected in 1952 on the corner of Thorsen's Allé and Svalegårdsvej, where it got its name Svalegaarden. In June 2016 it gained two new owners that had a new vision for Svalegaarden. The owners are Mette and Stefan, who used to run restaurant MEST. They wished to combine the best from both worlds. Gastronomy meets idyllic farming. And that’s how Svalegaarden became Svalegaarden MEST.

Services Offered for Every Occasion

Svalegaarden MEST is a unique place that has a lot to offer. They wish to ensure that you have the best possible experiences for both joyous and mournful affairs. They also offer their services for bigger events such as weddings, 50th birthdays or baptisms. They work alongside the customer to ensure to always cater to their wishes. Celebrating here will give you a rememberable experience that has a focus on gastronomy and unique settings.

Selection of Menus

Svalegaarden MEST restaurant is unlike any other. Their menus range from seasonal to reception. Svalegaarden MEST has four seasonal menus and a classic menu that focuses on Danish dishes. They also offer four different kinds of buffets, all depending on what you are craving. Brunch can be ordered for companies or as an out-of-house offer. When Christmas comes to Hasseris, they offer a delicious Christmas Lunch Menu. And lastly, they offer a variety of menus for events such as weddings or birthdays.


Contact for more information:

Einar Packness Vej 2 9000 Aalborg

TLF. KØKKEN:+45 51 90 55 54

TLF.ADMINISTRATION:+45 98 13 50 53



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