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This gourmet restaurant is in the downtown of Frederikshavn, on Havnegade 7A. They are open Wednesday to Saturday for a lunch menu full of delicious Danish smørrebrød from 11:30-15:00. And at 17:30, they open their doors once more for a spectacular dinner.


Behind the Scenes

Gratværk opened its door in November 2018. Rikke Jensen and her boyfriend Michael Andersen are the owners of this gorgeous gourmet restaurant. Michael and Rikke both have over 26 years of experience in the restaurant biz. Rikke was born and raised in Frederikshavn and Michael is from Bornholm. Together they decided to make food inspired by both their respective homes.

The name ‘Gratværk’ comes from a North Jutland expression meaning ‘mess,’ which is why Rikke encourages you to lick your plate free of any leftovers if you so desire.


Menus by Gratværk

The lunch menu at Gratværk is full of delicious Danish smørrebrød, where most of the ingredients have been made from scratch or otherwise locally sourced. The dinner menu opens up for a variety of tasty treats. In the evening you can choose between a 3, 4 or 5-course meal.

All the dishes created are based on organic produce and sustainability, something that is truly present when tasted. Gratværk does not compromise on their values, and because of this, they rely on seasonal produce to ensuring the freshest of produce. The menu, therefore, changes every two weeks.


Local Green Approach

To create the perfect dish, they do not compromise on sustainability. They wish to create dishes that represent something unique. They also emphasize the focus of using as much local produce as possible. As they choose their suppliers, it is a must for them to share the same values on animal welfare and sustainability as Gratværk does. Some partnerships at the moment are with Eskeæk Grønt, Glad Gris and Nynordisk Mjød


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