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'Norrlyst is a Nordic restaurant, which serves delicious food at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Further, we serve great cocktails, beer and wine. We have a focus on organic and local ingredients, which is served with love.'


A great restaurant close to the famous shopping street

The restaurant Norrlyst, which opened in October 2019, is on Kompagnistræde 8, Copenhagen, in the heart of the city. It is just one street away from the famous shopping street of Copenhagen strøget, as well as close to Gammel Strand metro station, Christiansborg Castle and the Church of the Holy Spirit, one of the city’s oldest churches.

Norrlyst is open Monday-Thursday from 12-21, Fridays and Saturdays from 12-23 and Sundays from 12-16.


Owned by former Masterchef contestant

Bjarke Just Nielsen is the owner of Norrlyst. His resumé boasts of someone who’s been in the culinary game for quite some time. He was a contestant on TV show MasterChef and has years of experience at restaurants such as Madklubben. Nielsen is incredibly passionate about quality food and creating rememberable dining experiences, something that is easily felt when dining at Norrlyst.

However, exceptional taste alone cannot do it. It’s important to feel good when dining somewhere, and that’s why the space at Norrlyst is decorated with a cozy, aesthetic interior that’ll keep you in your seat, begging for more.


Nordic kitchen with a focus on sustainability

Sustainability and organic produce are what’s in focus at Norrlyst. They believe its important to serve food that is good for both our planet and us. The menu is versatile, well thought through, and ridiculously tasty.

The menu, of course, also changes several times a year so that everything on the plate is something that is high quality and in season. You’ll be going home with your belly full of delicious food as well as with a feeling of absolute content.


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