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The brothers Yves Le Lay and Kasper Langkilde turned the stoves on in their restaurant À Terre. You can find the restaurant on Tordenskjoldgade right by the Royal Theatre in inner Copenhagen.


A top-quality experience

On a little side street right by Kings New Square, there is an ambitious and dedicated duo who has started stirring. The restaurant opened its doors in the summer of 2019. Their menu consists of delicious, modern dishes that are based in the French kitchen. The dishes are made of the seasons' absolute best produce and are prepared with impeccable precision and curiosity. The building has previously housed two other restaurants; Ensemble and Retour. Now, it is À Terre’s turn to welcome you inside, to have an experience out of the ordinary.


An experienced duo behind the wheel

Two brothers are behind this remarkable restaurant. Their CV boasts of several acclaimed restaurants in both Denmark and abroad. Together, they recently were the driving force behind NÆRVÆR, which was one of the most successful wine bars and restaurants in Copenhagen. Now, they are eager to invite you into something even more intimate. The restaurant exudes intimacy and coziness, and the focus is on attentiveness, presence, and character.


Curious cooking with an individual style

Besides being the previous co-owner of NÆRVÆR, the French-Danish Head Chef Yves Christian-François Le Lay has also worked at Michelin-starred restaurant Søllerød Kro, Falsled Kro, Restaurant Herman as well as the gourmet restaurant Pädaste Manor, a restaurant that has been awarded Best Restaurant in Estonia several times. From these places, he has developed a unique individual style that is always rooted in the best products. Everything is cooked and formed with high technical skills and curiosity towards new textures and flavours.


The perfect wine

Kasper Langkilde is driven by his great passion for wine, and he often travels near and far to learn more and discover new tastes and varieties. His heart, however, beats for Piemonte, Priorat and Bourgogne though. He always dedicates himself to finding the perfect wine for his guest, and he does not give up until everyone at the table is 100% satisfied.


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