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Manon les Suites, Chapung

Breathtaking view and Asian fusion restaurant-inspired dishes

Welcome to the amazing rooftop restaurant at Manon les Suites with a view to the Copenhagen lakes!

Everything on the menu is organic and/or sustainably sourced, and they have the official golden Ø for 90-100% organic food and drinks, and our menu mixes French bistro-inspired dishes, side by side with our own signature favourites, all perfect as single items or as sharing menus for the table.

Typical dishes including crispy calamari rings, beetroot carpaccio sprinkled with seeds, blueberries and goat cheese, and pan-fried chicken breast or cod with a side of perfectly cooked Frites Royales.

Enjoy a pre-dinner drink at the bar, which is clad in a striking pattern created from recycled glass. Find a table with a view of the lakes, or - on warmer days – enjoy your meal on the rooftop, furnished with lots of cushions, cozy spots and lounge furniture.


A part of Guldsmeden Hotels

Guldsmeden Hotels is a family-owned nouveau-bohème boutique hotel group with 3 restaurants in Copenhagen, all with the official golden Ø for for 90-100% organic food and drink: Café du Nord in connection with Axel Guldsmeden in Vesterbro, Bar Hva´Be´Har in connection with Babette Guldsmeden in Bredgade, and the rooftop restaurant at Manon les Suites by the lakes in the heart of Copenhagen.

True food-lovers, our style blends traditional French bistro with a twist, alongside our own delicious signature dishes, and all food is organic and/or sustainably sourced. The atmosphere at Café du Nord, Bar Hva´Be´Har and Manon les Suites is relaxed and informal, with an international feel in the air, due to being located in connection with a hotel.

Warm and personal hostmanship, luxurious simplicity, an unpretentious atmosphere and uncompromising sustainability are our guiding stars.


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