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Hidden Dimsum is a hidden treasure in the heart of Copenhagen. The restaurant is located at the address Nytorv 19. This is the place where passion and tradition melts together in the creation of delicious with dim sum.


In touch with the heart

Dim sum usually consists of a wide variety of small dishes, whose flavors range from salty to sweet in a combination of vegetables, sea creatures, meat and fruit.

Translated dim sum means "in touch with the heart". A philosophical concept consisting of two Chinese characters. In general, it means that one must be dedicated and passionate about the things you love.


Family Business

Wang Mak, his sister Mai Mak and her husband jian Wu are the hardworking people behind Hidden Dimsum. Their common dedication to good food and craftmanship I something they were brought up with. Before the siblings took over the restaurant it was their father who ran the place under the name Taste of Fortune. Although their father was hardworking, the family always found time to dine together from 9 pm to 10 pm. They sat together and ate dim sum before he returned to the restaurant to clean up.

When their father retired, Wang and Mai chose to take over his restaurant and run it in his spirit - but nevertheless on their own terms. That is why Hidden Dimsum is entirely outstanding in its taste and expression. Furthermore, the restaurant has already received great attention from several star chefs including the Michelin restaurant Noma’s René Redzepi and the American chef David Chang.


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