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Tisvilde Bistro is the epicentre of the summer paradise of Northern Zealand. Here, they serve classic dishes, host concerts, and show movies all year long. Tisvilde Bistro cherishes the laid-back meal and cosy atmosphere. The staff is always attentive to your needs and they take pride in serving delicious meals with big smiles.

Idyllic Tisvildeleje 

There are many reasons why you should pay a visit to the idyllic and vibrant seaside town that is Tisvildeleje. Tisvildeleje offers everything from kilometre-long beaches and vigorous forests that creates the perfect settings for relaxation. Moreover, the town is famous for its cultural and social events that often take place at Tisvilde Bistro. 

Family-friendly and vibrant atmosphere

Inside the bistro, they set the tables with white tablecloths and candlelights. The numerous nooks and corners create a down-to-earth atmosphere that is appealing to everyone from families with children to romantic dinners. The restaurant is open from Thursday to Sunday and the menu consists of scrumptious meals from the bistros barbecue and caviar, oysters, and shellfish platters. The wine menu abounds with great wines from around the world. If you have questions of any kind, you can always ask the waiter. They are more than happy to help and guide you.

Cinema, events, and intimate concerts on the terrace

All year long, Tisvilde Bistro is the centre of different interesting and exclusive events and experiences and is always rich in great food. In the summer, the bistro creates a new cosy space by opening the big parasols. Here, you can enjoy everything from lunch to a cup of coffee or a fresh beverage. The southern-inspired terrace creates a unique space for exclusive concerts where you experience the music up close. The bistro has hosted events with musicians such as Drew Sycamore, Medina, Andreas Odbjerg, and Mads Langer and hosted intimate performances with comedians such as Anders Matthesen. During the winter, there are also lots of good experiences to look forward to at Tisvilde Bistro. Combine a lovely food experience with a trip to the house’s cosy cinema or a fresh walk along the beach.

Northern Zealand’s answer to Cannes

Tisvilde is the Danish equivalent of Cannes. Famous as well as ordinary people flock to this place to enjoy the sun, beach, and the smell of the dog rose far away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. The cosy streets are filled with restaurants and small shops with decorative art and second-hand treasures. 


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