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The Vietnamese in Store Kongensgade has, since its grand opening, garnered great reviews from both critics and guests. Here they serve authentic Vietnamese cuisine.


Hearty food

Years of being a French colony have left a mark on Vietnam's culinary repertoire. Therefore, you will probably be able to recognize French food on the menu - including the well-known baguette. From beginning to end, the menu offers tasty dishes full of interesting contrasts; the simple versus the complex, rustic versus elegant. And in terms of taste, you get authentic Vietnam on a plate.

At The Vietnamese, they cherish every detail, and everything is made from scratch with quality ingredients. The vegetables are fresh, and the meat is Black Angus.


Brothers and sisters with roots in Vietnam

It is chef Duc Huy Do who is captain of this ship – both inside and outside the kitchen. In addition to being an extremely talented chef, Duc Huy Do previously studied philosophy at the University of Padua and is also a Franciscan monk. He runs The Vietnamese with his brother Vinh Hien Do.

The Vietnamese also has a young and dynamic team that enjoys servicing and providing you and the rest of your company with an unforgettable restaurant experience.


A relaxing evening

Visiting The Vietnamese should feel like being on holiday where you leave the hustle and bustle in favour of southern skies. Here you can relax for a while on a cloud of Vietnamese flavours and aromas. Besides the restaurant, The Vietnamese also has an accompanying cocktail bar where you can enjoy a drink or two before sitting down to eat.


Good value

At The Vietnamese, you get great gastronomy, atmosphere and service at a price level where most people can participate. The restaurant is centrally located in Copenhagen, and it is open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. Everyone is welcome here, whether you are looking to celebrate the weekend with a tasty dinner or end your week with a drink.


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