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The team behind Restaurant Palægade, one of Copenhagen’s most famous restaurants, which unfortunately burned down in March 2020, has in record time managed to put the team back together and open up a new place with a new name.

Their new place is inside the iconic Red House on the corner of Møntergade and Gl. Mønt in the inner-city. Møntergade offers delicious smørrebrød and warm dishes within these historic settings.


A-team behind Møntergade

It is Simon Olesen, Rasmus Amdi Larsen and Karina Pedersen that are the driving forces behind the restaurant Møntergade. They all know each from the popular smørrebrød restaurant Palægade that unfortunately went up in flames. They have brought their experience and ambition with them to Møntergade.

“We are so excited to be able to serve our popular lunch dishes and smørrebrød once again. And even though it is in new surroundings, I promise the quality and taste will remain at a very high level,” says Simon Olesen.

Besides the three main stars, most of the staff will be the same as at Palægade. Therefore, you will be able to recognize many of the faces walking around in the new restaurant at the Red House.


Focus on lunch-restaurant

At Møntergade, the focus is on their appealing lunch menu, which consists of delicious smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches) and classic warm dishes. The menu offers a variety of smørrebrød within several categories, such as herring, fish, and meat. You are guaranteed high-quality flavours and high-quality produce. You can also opt for their dishes of the day as well as cheese plates and sweets.

In the evening, it is possible to rent the restaurant for a private event where you will be served food inspired by French and Danish cuisine.


Historic settings

The red house can be dated back all the way to 1734. It was built after the enormous Copenhagen fire in 1728, where most of Copenhagen burned to the ground. For many years, the restauranteur legend Claus “The Red” ruled the kitchen in this building.

Today, its history remains alive in the old dining rooms. You will experience a relaxed atmosphere with tables cloths and timeless designed furniture to sit back and relax in.


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