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Mahalle on Nansensgade is located just around the corner from Ørestad Park and a 6-minute walk from Nørreport Station and Metro. The restaurant is in a lovely Danish neighbourhood with the opportunity for outdoor seating to enjoy a great night listening to the lively atmosphere of Copenhagen.

Lebanese Cuisine

The growing popularity of the restaurant at Birkegade has led to the opening of two more restaurants on Nørrebrogade and here on Nansensgade. The menu is full of delicious Middle Eastern dishes such as halloumi salad with flatbread, Baba Ganoush, as well as an untraditional Lebanese breakfast plate. There are many dishes to choose from, so the option to order a mixture of dishes to share between family and friends is recommended. The dishes truly succeed in bringing Lebanon culture to life in this Copenhagen neighbourhood.

Beautiful plating

If you want to get the perfect picture for your Instagram, then this is the perfect location. The plating here at Mahalle restaurant will mesmerize you. You can check out Mahalle’s own Instagram and see the undeniable truth as to why they are famous for their meticulous and beautiful plating. The use of blue porcelain plates with Middle Eastern motives are exquisite and pair well with the just as gorgeous food.

Award-winning Vegetarian Restaurant

At Mahalle, you become surrounded by beautiful Lebanese décor and the intriguing scent of Lebanese cuisine. Mahalle pride themselves on having a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, as well as ensure to always use the freshest of ingredients for all their dishes. Although the focus is on vegetarian dishes, they do have the option of adding meat to a few dishes if you desire. The restaurant also won the 2019’s “Best Vegetarian Dishes” award, so there is no doubt that this is the place for vegetarian dishes.


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