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Nimb Bar N Grill

An elegant approach to grill

The sizzling from the grill, the clinking of great wines and cocktails, the scent of grilled seafood, a glow of whisky in the bar's glasses. Sit back and enjoy yourself, for no-where is the atmosphere better than at Nimb Bar'n'Grill. With a view of the busy streets of Copenhagen, this little gem is both intimate and cosmopolitan.

Heat, smoke and elegance

Cooking on a grill adds something special to a dish. The high heat and the smoke from the flames and charcoal bring an unmistakable flavour and taste, which you cannot get from any other cooking device. We are using several types of grills that contribute with different nuances to the dishes. We brake with the conventions of what grilling can be. Everything from a starter to a dessert can benefit from touching the hot grill. At Bar ‘n’ Grill, ancient cooking over open fire it set in a modern context, where tradition and gastronomic elegance go hand in hand.


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