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At Restaurant Mondän located at beautiful Frederiksberg, they offers good taste, great service and experience beyond the usual.

Mondän presents a menu that consists of traditional Danish dishes for lunch and in the evening; the menu is inspired by the French and Italian cuisine. All interpreted by the chef Mads Dalsborg, who with his fondness for simplicity and respect for the ingredients gives the servings a powerful and pure taste. For him it is all about composing dishes where everything served is playing together and makes great sense.

The courses on the evening menu have the size of a starter, so you can choose different dishes or choose to enlarge to a main course.

Wide selection of beverages

As part of creating good (flavor) experiences, Mondän has a wide selection of beverages including 10 beers on pint. 15 - 20 specially selected wines and other exciting beverages. The choice of beverages are specially selected to make a perfect complement to the food, but also as a simple and tasty enjoyment on a Wednesday afternoon or Friday evening.

All ingredients used at Mondän are carefully selected from local suppliers, whether it is seasonal vegetables or a dry gin collected from Copenhagen Distillery.

Great service

Restaurant manager Martin Reckendorff has presence and quite special service at heart. Therefore, the guest's experience is the most important to him. The aim is that the customers walks away from there with more than they expected.

The team behind

Mads Dalsborg (1981) was trained at Restaurant Tinggården by Jan Friis Mikkelsen and spent some of his time as a student in Southern France at Sankt Maxime, where his interest in the simple and powerful taste flourished. Since then, Mads has worked on Krog's Fiskerestaurant, Umami, Fredensborg Store Kro and together with Mondän’s deputy manager Matthias, he worked at Ditto Spiseri in Hellerup when they were voted Best New Restaurant in 2015.


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